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Our Future Together 

Since Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM) joined forces with Wetherby Asset Management (WAM) in 2022, our combined firm has undergone tremendous growth and change. At the same time, we are working hard to ensure that we honor the trust our clients have put in us by providing the deep expertise and personal connection they have come to expect. Read more about our future together.

The LNWM Commitment

Our Promise to You: Founded, owned, and always for clients.

We will always put your perspective and interests first. In 1967, Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM) was founded as the Laird Norton Trust Company by clients who demanded better care and stewardship of their assets for themselves and their families.

While our services have expanded, that commitment lives on in every interaction we have with you. We promise that defining and achieving your goals will always be our #1 priority.

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