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Seattle-Based Wealth Management Firm Redefines Traditional Retirement Planning

Philosophy intrigues Wiley/Bloomberg Press; Publishes Laird Norton Tyee’s guide to optimizing human capital, hand‐in‐hand with financial capital

SEATTLE – October 22, 2012 – Everyone is well aware that retirement is nothing like that of past generations and the challenge facing the baby boomer generation is to find the right path to achieve the same level of financial success in retirement as they experienced during their working life. For nearly a half century, Laird Norton Tyee has been committed to helping business leaders, individuals and families redefine retirement by equipping them with the right resources and expert guidance to achieve financial security, find happiness and explore their passions.

Identified as a leader within the financial services and wealth management industry, Wiley/Bloomberg Press has released Wealth Regeneration at Retirement: Planning for a Lifetime of Leadership, a new playbook by Kaycee Krysty with Robert Moser of Laird Norton Tyee. The book provides insight and guidance grounded in the Laird Norton Tyee philosophy as well as specific steps to help guide future retirees on a path that addresses their human, as well as financial, capital.

For many, the answer to the prospect of retirement has been, “I’d rather not.” Yet change is inevitable. Wealth Regeneration at Retirement provides a thoughtful and thorough way for leaders to move onward. The book challenges successful boomers to redefine retirement on their own terms, just as they did during their working lives.

Wealth Regeneration at Retirement is a way for us to reach a broader audience and introduce and share the overarching Laird Norton Tyee philosophy and approach,” said Kaycee Krysty, co‐author and President Emerita of Laird Norton Tyee. “Our goal with the book is to clearly illustrate how our approach works and can truly help business and industry leaders be as successful, and fulfilled, in retirement as they were throughout their careers.”

Clients come to Laird Norton Tyee because of their approach. They take the time to get to know their clients on a very personal level to find out what’s most important them, their parents, their children, their businesses, their legacy, and work with them to create a path that focuses as much on their soul as it does on their bank account.

Wealth Regeneration at Retirement is packed with learning aids, including graphics, diagrams, worksheets and exercises and helps readers build a unique life plan that is about more than simply retiring. The book includes:

  • A proprietary approach to retirement planning that changes seamlessly when times and
    circumstances change
  • A four component methodology ‐ Where You Are; What You Want; What to Do; and Make it
    Happen – to ensure continuous feedback, accountability, and measurement of lifetime goals
  • Retirement planning expertise from wealth management firm Laird Norton Tyee

“We meet many of our clients at defining moments of their lives,” said co‐author Robert Moser, Laird Norton Tyee’s CEO. “These moments, including retirement, can be overwhelming and complicated, and force people to consider their financial security, their passions and their legacy. Our goal as a company, as well as with this book, is to mitigate that complexity and to help people reach their financial and lifestyle goals seamlessly through every life transition.”

About the authors

KAYCEE KRYSTY, CPA, CFP, recently transitioned from chief executive officer to President Emerita of Laird Norton Tyee. An accomplished writer and speaker, Kaycee speaks frequently on matters of personal legacy and the business of the family. She was a founding board member of Washington
Women in Tax and a founding member of the WSCPA Personal Financial Planning Committee, and is the former chair of the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Division. She has more than 30 years of experience in financial planning.

ROBERT MOSER is President and Chief Executive Officer of Laird Norton Tyee. Bob has more than 25 years of private wealth management, financial services, and business management experience. Before joining Laird Norton Tyee, Bob was a senior executive at SunTrust Banks, Inc., where he worked for 19 years. He has also served as a consultant to several private foundations in the areas of governance and strategic planning.

About Laird Norton Tyee

Laird Norton Tyee is one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest privately held wealth management firms, with nearly $4 billion in assets under management. Originally founded to serve the financial management needs of the Laird and Norton families, the firm now serves more than 400 high‐net‐worth individuals. families, foundations and endowments, that want to make an intentional, positive impact with their wealth. Success is measured by their clients’ ability to achieve long‐term financial results, reach personal and family goals and leave lasting legacies. Laird Norton Tyee offers expertise in financial planning, trust and estate strategies and administration and investment stewardship, and its nearly half a century in the Pacific Northwest lends a unique multi‐generational insight and approach to personal and family wealth.

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