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Introducing Laird Norton Wealth Management Seattle-Based Wealth Management Firm Ushers in New Era

Formerly Laird Norton Tyee, Company Introduces Itself as Laird Norton Wealth Management

SEATTLE – Jan. 9, 2013 – Today marks a new era for Seattle-based wealth management firm Laird Norton Wealth Management, formerly known as Laird Norton Tyee, as it announces a name change and a new brand identity.

“Since 1967, we have been a leader in providing wealth management services to individuals and families in the Pacific Northwest,” said Robert Moser, president and CEO, Laird Norton Wealth Management. “Today, we reach an exciting new milestone as we reintroduce ourselves as Laird Norton Wealth Management. We are the same trusted and respected company we’ve always been, now with a new name and look that perfectly reflect what we do and who we are. We’re thrilled to be ringing in the New Year with this new brand identity, which sets an exciting tone for the future of our company.”

Selected to better represent the firm’s business, philosophy, and types of clients it serves, the new brand reflects the company’s core tenets: expertise in wealth management, care for clients’ needs, balance of financial and personal success, independence as a privately owned and managed company, a legacy of success and its deep roots in the Pacific Northwest.

The simplified and streamlined design was selected to reflect the company’s approach to applying its proven, highly individualized strategies to provide clarity and guidance through even the most complex financial management challenges. The use of all-original, people-driven photography from throughout the Northwest is a direct representation of the company’s lasting commitment to its people-first philosophy which is demonstrated throughout every aspect of the company’s activities.

“The core of our philosophy is acknowledging that life is about far more than just maximizing financial capital,” noted Moser. “At Laird Norton Wealth Management, we are committed to not only being a partner in our client’s financial successes, but also a true advocate and steward for their overall happiness and success in all aspects of their lives.”

Laird Norton Wealth Management has a legacy of success in providing financial management services to hundreds of clients for almost half a century, which is unmatched by any other regional wealth management company. The company focuses on delivering ongoing expertise to high-net-worth families, individuals, foundations and endowments, helping them thrive in every aspect of their lives and maximizing their impact on the communities they serve.

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About Laird Norton Wealth Management

With nearly $4 billion in assets under advisement, Laird Norton Wealth Management is the Northwest’s premier wealth management company. Originally founded in 1967 to serve the financial management needs of the Laird and Norton families, the firm now provides personalized wealth management solutions for more than 425 individuals, families, business leaders, private foundations and nonprofit organizations with between $1M and several hundred million in investable assets. For nearly half a century, Laird Norton Wealth Management has been driven by a passionate commitment to help its clients and their families achieve security, find happiness and thrive in every aspect of their lives. The company is relentless in the pursuit of client satisfaction and is committed to always making a client’s best interest the number one priority.

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