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Barbara Potter Named as a Financial Times Top 100 Female Advisor

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We’ve always know that Barbara Potter, Laird Norton Wealth Management’s Managing Director of Fiduciary Services, was one of the best wealth managers, corporate trustees and financial advisors around, and it seems we’re not alone. The Financial Times (FT) released their inaugural list of the best female financial advisers in the United States and Barbara made the cut, representing Washington State as one of two women selected for this prestigious group.

This foundational list showcases an elite tier of advisers with backgrounds, credentials and asset management levels that far exceed the norm. The average assets under management by advisers on this list was $1.8 billion, their tenure in the industry was an average of 24 years, and their average growth in assets last year was 18 percent.

Congratulations, Barbara. You’ve always been way above the norm in our books too!

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