Meet Gino Perrina, LNWM’s New CIO

LNWM | Investment Management | December 4, 2015

Gino-B&WWe’re thrilled to have Gino Perrina, Ph.D., CFA on board as LNWM’s new Chief Investment Officer. A native of the Northwest, Gino is characteristically low-key given his impressive resume. While Gino has spent most of his career doing hands-on investing in a wide variety of asset classes, he has also taught finance at the undergraduate and graduate level. He is professorial yet with a high level of hands-on experience in the work that helps set LNWM apart: in-depth investment research, risk management, customized asset allocation, and alternative asset strategies.

Says Gino: “Working closely with LNWM analysts and advisors, I look forward to shaping LNWM portfolios so they continue to meet – and hopefully exceed – the expectations of our clients.”