Age Really Is An Attitude

Here at LNWM, we often see our clients hit the reset button in their 60s. At first, this can be kind of scary for people. But it is usually very much worth the effort. Be it cutting back on work, volunteering, or returning to a favorite activity long abandoned, the 6th decade is the time to explore, reconnect and rekindle. The story of Suzanne Zahniser, Corporate Secretary at LNWM, is a case in point.

Last September, pianist Suzanne Zahniser walked onstage with four other musicians to perform pieces by Bach, Rachmaninoff, Schumann and more for a 300-person audience. That performance was 20 years in the making, arising out of Suzanne’s love for classical piano as a young woman in Texas. Having a career in law, starting a family and seeing her kids off to college took a lot of Suzanne’s time and attention. But that performance, for which Suzanne had prepared for years, opened new doors to the future. Read a Q&A with Suzanne at the Age Is an Attitude website. For more inspiration, check out our post “65 Words on Turning 65.”

For me personally, the most touching part of the Q&A was Suzanne presenting the photo above. “During the time that I was getting ready for this concert, a photo came across my Facebook feed. It’s this little girl and she’s got pigtails and she’s standing in the sprinkler in her swimsuit and she’s laughing out loud, and it says: ‘Remember her? She’s still in there. Let’s go get her.’” Yes, let’s do that!