More People Moving Just Outside Seattle

Here’s some interesting info from the US Census Bureau, as reported in the Seattle Times recently: Pierce and Snohomish counties ranked #1 and #2 nationally in 2016 for the number of new people moving there from other US counties. Pierce County is just south of King County (Seattle, Bellevue, etc.) and Snohomish is just north.

The Census data does not indicate from where people are moving to Pierce and Snohomish counties. However, it’s not a far stretch to speculate many are coming from King County, as they’re priced out of the real estate market.

I can personally understand this. I’ve been house-hunting in King County and have had the great displeasure of participating in bidding wars, escalation clauses, pre-inspections, etc. As all my encouragers say: hang in there, the right place will come along. For some practical advice on buying/selling in a hot market, check out this article by LNWM’s Kristi Mathisen and Bridget Burgess.