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Laird Norton Wealth Management Marks 50th Anniversary with Gift to Pike Place Market Foundation

SEATTLE – February 6, 2017 – – Laird Norton Wealth Management is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2017 focused on business strategies it says will open new doors to the future for both the firm and its clients.

“The choices we’ve made over the past 50 years distinguish the Laird Norton Way of independence, objectivity and an unwavering focus on our clients’ best interests,” said Bob Moser, president and CEO of Laird Norton Wealth Management. “As we move into our second half-century, we will continue to innovate with new products, services and community relationships that align with our clients’ changing lives.”

In recent years, Laird Norton Wealth Management has made significant investments in creating new ways to meet its clients on their terms, including upgrading its technology infrastructure to provide enhanced digital access and financial reporting capabilities; revamping its physical office space to better represent its Pacific Northwest ethos; establishing internal think tanks that offer up-to-date insights in areas such as tax efficiency, retirement life planning, and next generation wealth; and offering access to new specialty investment vehicles in areas that reflect the personal passions of qualified clients, such as a renewable power fund for those with interests in socially responsible investing. In addition, the firm continues to attract exceptional financial talent from around the country to its leadership team, naming a new chief investment officer and managing director for fiduciary services in the past year.

In 2017, Laird Norton Wealth Management is exploring new service offerings that combine personalized financial planning with online planning and investment tools to broaden its reach to new customers, especially among a growing professional and tech-savvy population in the greater Seattle region, and strengthening its strategic partnership strategy with a new focus on collaboration that will benefit the financial, cultural and civic longevity of the Pacific Northwest.

“Seattle is a world-class city with a homegrown spirit of innovation, and it deserves a wealth management firm that reflects its locally-grown, globally-focused, values-driven character,” continued Moser. “At 50 years, we’re proud that Laird Norton Wealth Management has served that role, and we recognize our opportunity to do more.”

Building on success and innovating for growth is nothing new to Laird Norton Wealth Management. The firm, founded in 1967 as the Laird Norton Trust Company, was originally formed to manage the financial assets for the family members of a successful timberlands and forest products company. In 1979, it expanded to serve private, non-family-member clients, which today represent approximately 75 percent of its client base. In 2004, the Laird Norton Trust Company merged with Seattle’s Tyee Asset Strategies to create Laird Norton Wealth Management, a truly full-service wealth management company capable of meeting all its clients’ complex financial needs: financial planning; trust services and estate planning; and investment management. Independent and privately owned by The Laird Norton Co., a seventh-generation family business, Laird Norton Wealth Management has exceptional access to insights on longevity and is free to operate with objectivity in the best interests of clients.

“In a year of significant change and uncertainty, we want to be a stronghold of trust, and that’s why we’re celebrating and reflecting on the successes of the past 50 years as we move into the future,” said Moser. “We’ve always believed that people prosper when communities prosper, and we’re committed to finding more ways to help the people of the Pacific Northwest thrive.”

About Laird Norton Wealth Management

With nearly $4 billion in assets under advisement, Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM) is the Northwest’s premier wealth management company. Originally founded to serve the financial management needs of the Laird and Norton families, the firm now provides personalized wealth management solutions for more than 425 individuals, families, private foundations and nonprofit organizations. For 50 years, Laird Norton Wealth Management has been devoted to helping its clients and their families achieve security, find happiness and thrive in every aspect of their lives. LNWM is relentless in the pursuit of client satisfaction and is committed to never fail at making each client’s best interest its number one priority.

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