Em,ployees of Laird Norton Wealth Management at Pike Place MarketFront

Celebrating the Past 50 Years and #Future50NW

June 8, we celebrated Laird Norton Wealth Management’s 50th birthday. And what a party it was! At the brand new Pike Place MarketFront, the Puget Sound before us and Seattle skyline behind us, we toasted our fantastic group of clients and the client-centered company LNWM remains to this day. More than 400 people gathered — clients, community and business partners, employees — to play games (1967 Trivia, Lite Brite among them), feast on summer fare and take in the views.

As LNWM President and CEO Bob Moser said at the celebration, our focus now is the next 50 years, not just for LNWM but for the Pacific Northwest. So we asked people attending to tell us: What will shape the Pacific Northwest’s next 50 years? Here are some of the answers: 

***A commitment to investing in innovation and reinvention.

***A passion for diversity, engagement and inclusiveness.

***A region defined by great public spaces, like the new Seattle Waterfront, and strong public institutions, like the University of Washington.

***The children and grandchildren of those in our region who will carry our community for generations to come.

That’s an interesting mix, combining big ideas with the next gen of people who will benefit from the changes in our region and play a big role in making them happen. With so much going on in today’s world, it’s natural to focus only on what’s right in front of us. But when we make future generations the focal point, we gain new perspective.


Pike Place MarketFront SeattleSome may ask why a wealth management firm is talking about the next 50 years of our community. The answer is we think wealth means much more than money. It’s about envisioning a future, building a plan to reach it, and engaging those around you as you execute on your vision.

We’re fortunate, over the past 50 years, to have learned a lot about the people who have done just that. Their passions are what make the Pacific Northwest thrive, and we’re intensely curious about what’s next. That’s why we’re starting this community-wide conversation on the ideas, institutions and individuals that could shape the next 50 years.

Earlier this week, we highlighted the importance of housing affordability and showcased a new venture in Pioneer Square designed to do something about it.

Next week, we’ll focus on a group of cultural institutions reshaping the experiences they offer to residents and visitors alike.

In the coming months, we’ll invite even more voices from across our region into this important conversation. It’s sure to be a fascinating discussion!

Want to join and tell us what ideas, institutions and individuals you think will shape the next 50 years of the Pacific Northwest? Enter a comment below, email us or joining us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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