Will You Be OK After Your Partner is Gone?

There are many reasons people choose Laird Norton Wealth Management. We have a top-notch investment management group, our client service is stellar, and we have an impeccable reputation working with hundreds of clients for over half a century. But one of the biggest reasons couples choose to work with us is because we know how to navigate the big changes in life, the significant transitions or the potentially overwhelming events that can leave even the most capable people a bit shell-shocked.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In, recently wrote another book, Option B, in which she describes her experience after the sudden death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, as a heavy fog descending on her. Dave’s death changed her in profound ways, and she had to deal with the brutality of sudden loss. It took her some time to learn how to breathe again and fully feel the grief as it unfolded. Sheryl used many tools to cope, but she thinks one of the main ways she got through the first few months was to rely on the advice and help of others. That’s where we come in.

Getting Help

Dealing with financial decisions during a loss is the last thing anyone wants to do. We can help before and during that time; preparing for a loss that is expected, knowing what decisions need to be made, and being ready to help in the weeks following a partner’s departure will make the dozens of tasks that need to be done much easier. Here are the many ways we can step in to help. 

Ms. Sandberg specifically talks about the difficulties women face who lose their partners. Being overwhelmed makes it hard to handle even the most basic decisions, let alone ones with major consequences for you and your family. Our clients come to us after a major loss because they know we will act in their best interest and will be thorough, private, and expedient.

In other words, we do the heavy lifting to help you get back to a more normal routine. As we help you through this process, you’re able to focus more on regaining the confidence you once had, knowing that you can still contribute and your work is still needed. Grief takes time and we know that feeling normal again might not happen for quite a while. But eventually the fog will lift. Having someone help with the financial decisions that require careful attention can make the healing process faster and easier.