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The Pacific Northwest’s Next 50 Years: Community Leaders Speak Out

What’s past is prologue, according to both Shakespeare and local lawyer and community leader, Llewelyn Pritchard. For the Pacific Northwest, a region built on a spirit of innovation, creativity and a welcoming of newcomers, it’s an apt description for #Future50NW, our ongoing conversation about the ideas, institutions and individuals that will shape the next 50 years.

Recently, local community leaders told us how they viewed the next 50 years, and their answers were insightful. Making sense of density while respecting our natural environment. The importance of innovation coming from our business community and world-class universities. The benefits of bringing the entire state of Washington together again by recognizing our shared and complementary strengths.

And above all, a sense of optimism. In the words of Maud Daudon, CEO of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, “The Northwest is going to be that place on Earth that gets it right.”

That sounds good to us!

Watch the entire video to hear what these community leaders have to say:

Maud Daudon, President & CEO, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Dan Evans, former Washington Governor and U.S. Senator
Llewelyn Pritchard, lawyer and philanthropist
Lillian Sherman, Executive Director, Pike Place Market Foundation
Kate Becker, Director, City of Seattle Office of Film + Music

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