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Corporate Social Responsibility Starts with Strong Community Engagement

Photo of Erin MoyerErin Moyer, LNWM’s Managing Director of Marketing and Communications (photo), will lead a discussion today at a luncheon sponsored by the Corporate Giving Network at the Bellevue Museum of Art. The topic: LNWM’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with an emphasis on community engagement, partnerships and special programs designed to increase income from planned giving.

Philanthropy is a core component of LNWM’s corporate strategy and has been for many years. Our goal: a more vibrant and socially connected community for the benefit of our employees, our clients and everyone in our region.

At LNWM, we believe corporate philanthropy should leverage all the existing capabilities within a company — not just money but also expertise and employee involvement —  for the benefit of local communities and the company itself. We have found that well-coordinated philanthropic efforts can unite a community and achieve results that are far greater than the sum of what each participant contributes.