Risk Management: Casting a Wider Net

At LNWM, we have basically two levels of risk management: (1) managing risk in our clients’ investment portfolios and across their entire asset base; and (2) managing risks to our operations as a company. That is, we have in place policies and procedures to protect our operations from various types of threats. A key focus: doing all we can to keep our clients’ data safe, private and secure. The latest issue of the online magazine Family Capital has a good article on this topic — how wealth management firms deal with the many risks inherent to their operations, including cyber security. Bill Frizzell, LNWM’s Director of Technology, is quoted in that article. He points out that consistently investing in best practices to safeguard operations, through technology and other security measures, can help wealth management firms protect both their operations and their clients’ peace of mind. To find out more, please read Keeping Your E-Data Private and Secure by Bill Frizzell.