For Rent sign in front of house

Relocating But Own Real Estate: Don’t Forget the Rental Income Calculator!

If you are relocating for work — or moving for any other reason — you have to make some tough choices about a house, condo or other property you might own. When faced with that decision, many people surprisingly rely on instinct and many assumptions. That is not a wise course. Typically, we help our clients make real estate decisions by providing a cost-benefit analysis based on both their finances and their near and long-term goals. After all, just because you are relocating does not necessarily mean you need to sell your house or condo. As some of the world’s savviest real estate investors have proven, holding on to property is often more lucrative than selling and buying anew each time you move. But it all depends on the context. To help run the numbers, one useful tool can be an online Rental Income calculator.

Below are a few online rental income calculators to get you started thinking outside the box: