Laird Norton Wealth Management Expertise on Full Display

The wide-ranging expertise available at Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM) is in full display in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Wealth Management issue, out today:

***LNWM CEO and President Bob Moser writes about what it takes for family businesses to succeed over many generations, drawing from our firm’s experience as advisors to family businesses going strong into their seventh generation.

***Kristi Mathisen, LNWM Managing Director on Tax and Financial Planning, writes about overlooked strategies that can be used to get income from illiquid assets that have appreciated in value, especially real estate. Kristi is renowned for her abillity to analyze tax issues from many different angles and arrive at solutions that work best for our clients and their families.

***LNWM Client Advisor Bridget Burgess provides insights into the Millennial generation, in an article exploring how financial advisors are catering to this large group of people now between 20 and 40 years old. Bridget points out the services, advice and guidance that LNWM’s NextGen Group provides to the relatively young high-earners in the Seattle area.

Once again in 2019, LNWM ranked among among the top three wealth management firms in WA State in terms of assets.

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