Team Sail Like a Girl

LNWM’s Jeanne Goussev Ready for 2019 Race to Alaska

This Monday, June 3, the 2019 the Race to Alaska will begin at Port Townsend, WA and continue for 750 non-motorized miles to Ketchikan, AK. At the helm of the Sail Like a Girl boat, the all-women team that won the 2018 race, will be LNWM’s Jeanne Goussev (1st from left in photo). Last year (June 2018), Jeanne and her team won the race against 42 competing sailboats in what was a historical first for several reasons: their boat was the 1st monohull to win, as well as the first women’s team to win. Here at LNWM, we all know Jeanne as Managing Director of Fiduciary Services here at LNWM, leading a team that excels at trust and estate planning for clients and their families.

Why is Jeanne going for win #2? Her reasoning is the same:

”We hope we can inspire others to tackle something that they are afraid of, that challenges them, and to meet the inner warrior that they do not get to spend time with every day.  For me, this was the greatest gift that this epic journey presented. This race was always about something more than winning.”

That is the attitude that Jeanne brings with her every day to work here at LNWM, coupled with determination, stamina and a balanced perspective. She inspires her team at LNWM to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients’ plans for the future are carried out, not just once but consistently, and especially during times when clients and their families are faced with tough decisions or undergoing major life transitions.

Go Jeanne Go! Everyone here at LNWM will be cheering you on.

For more on Team Sail Like a Girl and Race to Alaska, read the press coverage on the team’s website.