Family Around Christmas Tree

The Holidays Are a Great Time to Tell Family Stories

While holidays can be stressful, they can also open up possibilities for communication that normally do not exist during the rest of the year. How do you make the most of those possibilities? One way is to gather ”round and tell family stories, which can have surprisingly beneficial effects on the listeners as well as the storytellers. Stories can help unite a family in a way that strengthens everyone – young and old – and allows for the responsible passing on of the family legacy, both the good and the bad, helping children deal well with their own struggles and life choices as they age.

Fiind out why family stories are so powerful and the best way to pass them on in this in a Q&A with Dr. Marshall Duke, professor of psychology at Emory University and well-known author. In 2017, Dr. Duke spoke about his research here at LNWM, and his insights are just as valuable today as they were then. After reading what he has to say, you will have more conviction asking everyone to shut down their devices for 15 to 20 minutes to hear a story or two. Where that takes you all may surprise you!