Our Team

Advocates and Stewards for Your Wealth

At Laird Norton Wealth Management, we are advocates for your life, your wealth and your legacy. Our integrated approach brings together the brightest minds in each aspect of wealth management: financial and tax planning; investment management; trust and estate planning. Our goal is to increase and safeguard your wealth now and for generations to come.

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  • Brian Babbitt

    Brian Babbitt

    Client Advisor

  • David Baker

    David Baker

    Director, Investment Strategy and Research

  • Penny Bunch

    Penny Bunch

    Senior Fiduciary Analyst

  • Bridget Burgess

    Bridget Burgess

    Client Advisor and Team Manager

  • Sam Craig

    Sam Craig

    Client Advisor

  • Julie Dowell

    Julie Dowell

    Client Analyst

  • Matt Englizian

    Matt Englizian

    Managing Director of Strategic Planning

  • Charlene Farkas

    Charlene Farkas

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Bill Frizzell

    Bill Frizzell

    Director of Technology

  • Jeanne Goussev

    Jeanne Goussev

    Managing Director of Fiduciary Services

  • Paul Henderson

    Paul Henderson

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Ross Henry

    Ross Henry

    Client Advisor and Team Manager

  • Josh Hile

    Josh Hile

    Senior Investment Research Analyst

  • Robert Hille

    Robert Hille

    General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

  • Brian Kremen

    Brian Kremen

    Business Development Officer

  • Sherry Lehmann

    Sherry Lehmann

    Director of Human Resources

  • Carl Lindgren

    Carl Lindgren

    Client Analyst

  • Matthew Litzler

    Matthew Litzler

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Steve Ludvigsen

    Steve Ludvigsen


  • Kristi Mathisen

    Kristi Mathisen

    Managing Director of Tax and Financial Planning

  • Robert Moser

    Robert Moser

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Erin Moyer

    Erin Moyer

    Managing Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Monica Padineant

    Monica Padineant

    Client Advisor

  • Gino Perrina

    Gino Perrina

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Wendy Phillips

    Wendy Phillips

    Director of Sales

  • Dana Rekow

    Dana Rekow

    Managing Director of Client Services

  • Nadia Reynolds

    Nadia Reynolds

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Chris Rhea

    Chris Rhea

    Client Analyst

  • Jeff Sain

    Jeff Sain

    Client Advisor

  • Debra Smiley

    Debra Smiley

    Fiduciary Analyst

  • Susan Talton

    Susan Talton

    Client Advisor

  • Jim Tegeler

    Jim Tegeler

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Tad Trammell

    Tad Trammell

    Director of Operations

  • Rodney Van Belle

    Rodney Van Belle

    Senior Client Analyst

  • Brian Whitaker

    Brian Whitaker

    Client Advisor

  • Susan Zurek

    Susan Zurek

    Associate Fiduciary Advisor