Laird Norton Wealth Management

Founded by — and for — clients

Founded by clients for the benefit of clients in 1967, Laird Norton Wealth Management is an independent Seattle-based firm with a deep commitment to providing guidance that is free of conflicts of interest, based solely on the sum of our experience and expertise. We are committed to putting client interests first and to stewarding both wealth and wellbeing for those we serve. We have a singular measure of success: the results we get for our clients.

Since our beginnings as a single, multi-generational family office, we have consistently built on success, steadily growing over five decades as a privately held, family and employee-owned wealth management firm. We currently manage $15 billion in assets for approximately 1,500 prominent families, individuals, foundations and endowments.

Connecting your wealth to your life

Our clients count on our decades of experience for more than world-class investment management. More than in-depth wealth planning. More than expert trust administration and estate planning. Ultimately, they turn to us for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the moving parts of their wealth are aligned and optimized to obtain the life they want.

Connecting your wealth to your values

Your wealth is more than a sum of investments. It can be a powerful tool for improving the world around you.

We help our clients crystallize and prioritize the environmental and social issues they care about most and develop a plan that allows their wealth to positively influence them. We call this intersection between your financial and non-financial objectives sustainable investing.

The belief that wealth can simultaneously achieve both desired financial outcomes and positive societal change is deeply embedded in our culture. The Laird and Norton families who founded our firm were pioneers in sustainable investing, who now steer nearly 100% of their family foundation’s investments toward impact-related funds and projects. We apply the successes and lessons they learned along the way to our clients’ own sustainable investment aspirations.

Focused on your needs only

As a firm providing fee-only services, we are paid solely by our clients to give advice that is in their best interest. We don’t accept kickbacks or sales commissions of any kind. Each LNWM advisor is paid a salary and does not benefit financially from any transaction made on your behalf. This means you receive unbiased, expert advice on how best to attain your goals and fulfill your vision of the future.

Compounding good decisions

Our integrated services are geared to optimize all that you own, while saving you time, money and undue stress. Each major financial decision you make can build on the previous ones, allowing you to move forward with confidence. The benefits of our approach tend to compound over time and through multiple generations, expanding what is possible for you and your family.

Get a bigger picture of your wealth

Flip through our full brochure to understand our integrated services, how we work with you and our commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Team

At Laird Norton Wealth Management, we are advocates and stewards for your life, your wealth and your legacy. Our integrated approach brings together the brightest minds in each aspect of wealth management: financial and tax planning; investment management; trust and estate planning. Your advisory team is here to serve you in all aspects of your financial life – from cash flow planning to serving as your trustee. Knowing you is key to the success of your plan.


With deep roots in the Puget Sound region, Laird Norton Wealth Management understands the importance of healthy communities. We are deeply committed to the communities that have helped us grow, and we support select organizations through partnerships, sponsorships and direct participation.

LNWM and WAM Merge

In 2022, Laird Norton Wealth Management merged with the highly regarded San Francisco-based Wetherby Asset Management, enhancing our combined capabilities in all aspects of wealth planning and investment management, including sustainable investing, trusts, private investment opportunities, executive compensation.