LNWM’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in our own business practices. We follow the model of Creating Shared Value, a philosophy of business management that takes all stakeholders (clients, owners, employees, communities and the environment) into consideration when making business decisions. At LNWM, we take a long-term view. Among our core principles is building community and activating our collective resources to promote their sustainability and amplify their positive impact on each other.

For us, sustainability goes far beyond maximizing the longevity of our clients’ financial assets. Sustainability refers to meeting the needs of today without compromising the resources and potential of future generations. This has been a focus of our work with multigenerational clients since our inception.

We were founded by a family who through shared purpose and deliberate processes has managed their business and resources successfully for a rare seven generations. This model of intentionality and long-term mindset is embedded in how we operate.

In managing our business, we apply this lens to all of our stakeholders – our clients, our employees, our community and our environment. Here’s how:

Our Clients

We strive to help clients activate, empower and amplify the sustainability of their full balance sheet – their time, expertise, passions, aspirations, reputation, influence and of course their financial assets – in alignment with their goals and to the benefit of the stakeholders they value.

Our People

We are committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, inspiring and equitable work environment that fosters continuous personal development, a sense of purpose and engagement, and through our actions manifests a great level of care for all employees and their families.

Our Community

We believe we are stronger together and seek to create shared value through our actions to support sustainable Health and Well-Being across four dimensions – Geographical, Environmental, Societal and Economic.

Our Environment

As a firm we are committed to the responsible use and stewardship of the earth’s finite yet cherished and vital resources.