Our Future Together 

Since Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM) joined forces with Wetherby Asset Management (WAM) in 2022, our combined firm has undergone tremendous growth and change. At the same time, we are working hard to ensure that we honor the trust our clients have put in us by providing the deep expertise and personal connection they have come to expect.  

Each part of our combined firm is contributing – uniquely and significantly – to our joint mission: helping our clients and their families use their assets to achieve their greatest impact. While much more is to come in 2023 and beyond, there are some accomplishments we are excited to share. 

  • We have doubled the size of our investment team, and we are using our expanded resources and scope to tap a wider variety of strategies and solutions to help our clients achieve their financial and non-financial goals.  
  • Our industry-leading impact investing offering is now available to our combined client base, including our shareholder engagement program for eligible clients. Additionally, we have integrated impact analysis into our due diligence process for all the asset managers we work with to understand more deeply the potential risks and opportunities presented by their business practices. 
  • We have expanded our trust and estate planning services. We are now able to offer trustee and trust administration services through the Laird Norton Trust Co. (LNTC) and the Laird Norton Trust Company of South Dakota. LNTC has been providing trust services since 1967, and our combination allows us to expand the reach and depth of that offering. 

With all these efforts and more underway, the new firm that we are so proud to be building continues to take shape. While in some ways we are nearing the finish line of a lengthy and thoughtful process, in many others this is just the beginning. We are looking toward the future while honoring the history that has helped us reach this point. 

Looking Generations Ahead 

When we work with clients on their wealth plan, it is with the long term in mind. The combination of LNWM & WAM has been undertaken with the same focus on the long term, with care and caution that respects the responsibility we have to our clients, our team and our communities. We want our clients to not only feel confident that their wealth will continue to support the lives they and their families want to live, but also that we will be there for future stages of their lives and the next generations.  

The combination of our LNWM & WAM expanded the size of our team in number and in expertise and created a firm with a national presence, including our Philadelphia office opened this summer, giving us ample resources to meet the needs of our clients and their families as their lives evolve. All the while, our relationship with the Laird Norton Company will continue to act as a ballast, supporting a solid financial footing and a deep commitment to long-term, patient capital as opposed to short-term growth at any cost. 

Our choice to join together to create a new firm was born of a desire to better serve clients and all of our stakeholders. We are excited both for what we have already accomplished and for the journey to come. 

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