Sean Hummel

Sean Hummel

Client Analyst

Do you have a vision for your future? It might be unclear, or seem impossible, and that’s exactly the challenge that Sean loves to take on – helping you turn vague notions into a plan of action, supporting your needs now and way into the future. Be it retiring early, giving back to family or community, or launching a new venture, Sean runs the numbers so you can see all your options. Long-term planning opens possibilities, he says. The more you plan now, the more options you might have down the road.

Born and raised in Alaska, Sean loves working at LNWM because of the depth and breadth of in-house expertise and the wide array of investment and estate planning strategies we are able to offer our clients. When not at busy work, Sean enjoys exploring the world’s oceans as a certified open water diver and reconnecting with nature via backpacking and skiing.

Designations and Education

  • B.A. in Business Administration
    University of Alaska