Simon Smundak

Simon Smundak

Senior Director, Manager Research

Simon’s innate curiosity, boundless energy, and financial acumen are a great fit for the work he does: overseeing and managing our investment research process, which is essential to creating portfolios that attain our clients’ goals. Simon is the lynchpin between our in-house specialists in each asset class (in both the public and private markets) and our overarching investment strategy. As such, he works diligently to make sure we have done our utmost to investigate where and how to allocate client money, considering all potential risks as well as the upside.

To this effort, Simon brings two decades of experience, having started his career with a New York hedge fund-of-funds manager and expanding his knowledge across the breadth of investable asset classes over the years. He and our investment team look far and wide to find asset managers and strategies they think will work best for client portfolios through full market cycles. “We partner with our clients,” says Simon, “to create portfolios they can rely on over long periods of time, often over many generations.”

A world traveler born in Estonia, Simon lived on both coasts of the US before calling San Francisco home. And that relates to another key thing Simon brings to his work: global perspective and insights.

Designations and Education

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

  • B.A. in Economics
    New York University