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Celebrating the Past 50 Years and #Future50NW

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Em,ployees of Laird Norton Wealth Management at Pike Place MarketFront

June 8, we celebrated Laird Norton Wealth Management’s 50th birthday. And what a party it was! At the brand new Pike Place MarketFront, the Puget Sound before us and Seattle skyline behind us, we toasted our fantastic group of clients and the client-centered company LNWM remains to this day. More than 400 people gathered — clients, community and business partners, employees — to play games (1967 Trivia, Lite Brite among them), feast on summer fare and take in the views.

As LNWM President and CEO Bob Moser said at the celebration, our focus now is the next 50 years, not just for LNWM but for the Pacific Northwest. So we asked people attending to tell us: What will shape the Pacific Northwest’s next 50 years? Here are some of the answers:  … Read More

Keeping Middle Class Families in Seattle

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Seattle skyline with buildingsHousing is the hot topic in a changing Seattle, namely skyrocketing real estate prices that are outpacing most of the country and a deepening homelessness crisis. And caught in the middle are the middle-income families that make up an important part of our city’s public and private sector workforce and students working for successful futures.

As we celebrate the ideas, institutions and individuals that are shaping our region’s next 50 years, we wanted to call attention to a new, unique partnership aimed at building workforce and student housing in high-growth, urban areas throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Spectrum Development Solutions and Laird Norton Properties (our sister company), along with local philanthropists John and Shari Behnke, are embarking on their first workforce housing project, Canton Lofts, in Pioneer Square. Canton Lofts will combine high rise affordable housing units with ground level retail space used by Path with Art, a local nonprofit that uses art as a bridge to community and stability for people in recovery.

The Next 50 Years

Why is workforce and student housing an idea that will shape the next 50 years? Because it recognizes the responsibility of a city to accommodate different types of development. The Seattle area is no doubt in an economic upswing, but sustainable growth requires much more than cranes and companies. People prosper when communities prosper, and that’s exactly what led Laird Norton Properties, Spectrum Development Solutions and the Behnke family to take on this important effort.

Read more about the ideas, individuals and institutions that could shape the next 50 years on this blog and by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Making Seattle More Affordable: Laird Norton Properties’ New Venture

Community, Money Matters

Many people who work in Seattle can no longer afford to live in the city, due to high housing prices. The need for more affordable housing is big. We are thrilled, therefore, that our sister company, Laird Norton Properties (LNP), is taking an active role in making Seattle and the Pacific Northwest livable for more people.

As the Seattle Times reported this past weekend, LNP is “Bucking the luxury housing trend, [with] $500 million in new apartments designed to help Seattle’s shrinking middle class.” Specifically, LNC is partnering with Spectrum Development Solutions to build workforce and student housing in high-growth, urban areas throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their very first project, called “Canton Lofts” (rendering at left), will be in Pioneer Square.

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What Will Shape the Next 50 Years?


Seattle has changed a lot in the last 50 years. We’re now a world-class city competing on a global stage in business, culture, philanthropy and lifestyle. It’s hard to believe that almost 50 years ago, an iconic billboard humbly requested: “Will the last person leaving Seattle turn off the lights?” Talk about a reinvention!

As we at Laird Norton Wealth Management celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, we’ve been talking a lot about the past. What’s shaped our region and made it what it is today? Is it the technology boom? The coffee? The music? Or is it the passionate people who live here, choosing to call the Pacific Northwest home knowing they can change the world from our little corner of the country?

The answer is all the above! It’s the ideas, individuals and institutions, all working together, that reinvented the Northwest time and time again. And as we celebrate our first half century, we’re intensely curious about what’s next.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing stories that celebrate the ideas, individuals and institutions that could shape the next 50 years, and we want you to join us. There are no nominations, and no wrong answers. Simply tell us what – or who – you think will shape the next 50 years of the Pacific Northwest by entering a comment below, emailing us or following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure to tag your social media posts with #Future50NW so we can collect all your stories in one place.

If past is prologue, the future will be remarkable. The Pacific Northwest is known for reinvention, and it’s the collective spirit of ideas, individuals and institutions here that bring it to life. We’re excited to get a community-wide conversation started and hope you’ll play a part in it.

Entering a New Era with the Pike Place Market Foundation

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For the first time in 40 years, Seattle’s iconic Pike Market is expanding! The development, called the MarketFront, actually reclaims land that was part of the Market long ago. And when the MarketFront opens to the public on June 29, it will offer the Seattle area a new community gathering space, with spectacular views of the Puget Sound, as well as much more space for farmers, specialty food vendors, restaurants and community services.

Here at Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM), we have long known that people prosper when their communities prosper. So we applaud the work of the Pike Place Market Foundation (leaders in fundraising for the new MarketFront) in the form of a significant gift from LNWM to the Foundation. This gift comes as LNWM celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017, with increased attention to collaborations that foster stronger communities and help the people of the Pacific Northwest thrive.

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