We are uniquely capable of advising you based on a 360-degree view of your assets and finances. Not just your investments, but all your assets: properties, any businesses, and even the “human capital” waiting to be developed within your family, as you and your loved ones transition from one phase of life to another. Look for planning-related articles in Navigator, our digital quarterly newsletter.

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Retirement is not a static time of life. Usually, it is full of change. LNWM Client Advisor Rodney Van Belle presents three ways to stay financially resilient well into your 90s and make the most of life’s opportunities and challenges.

US tax rates are likely to rise in the coming decade, especially for higher income Americans. Kristi Mathisen, LNWM’s Managing Director of Financial and Tax Planning, discusses why and what you can do now to lock in tax savings and prepare for potentially higher rates be it on your estate, business income or capital gains.

After more than a decade of rising stock prices, now’s NOT the time to leave your stock options and other equity comp on auto pilot. LNWM’s Kristi Mathisen, head of financial and tax planning, presents four key things you must know before taking action.

Shakespeare’s Polonius advised his son “never a borrower nor a lender be.” However, when a loan is between family members, the results can be great for everyone involved, especially at today’s favorable rates. LNWM’s Kristi Mathisen explains what needs to be in place for family loans to work out well for borrower and lender.

Knowing what belongs to whom before you get married, divorced or sign a pre-nuptial is smart, especially for couples with substantial assets and income. The reason: Washington, California and seven other states treat ALL possessions of married couples as jointly owned, with few exceptions.

Tax-efficient investing and asset planning can enhance long-term returns without additional risk. Learn what LNWM’s integrated, life-stage approach to tax planning can do for you. Includes a special section for business owners.

In this short webinar, LNWM Client Advisor Nadia Reynolds explains the key things to keep in mind if you want to exchange real estate tax-free. The devil’s in the details, per usual.

Are your real estate investments not providing what you need? Then you might want to consider a 1031 tax-free exchange to get the property you want without paying high capital gains taxes on the one you’re selling. LNWM Senior Client Analyst Nadia Reynolds walks us through the process and what you need to know.

Know the different types of advisors, how they are compensated, why it matters, and why you should always ask any advisor: “Are you a fiduciary?”

Our advice for business owners thinking to retire. There are many details to consider including taxes, estate planning and what your next chapter will be.

You’ve long focused on making your business a success. Now it’s time to focus on your personal bottom line. Here’s how.

It’s not just a matter of when, but how and what to give. Our experts provide time-tested strategies based on decades advising high-net-worth families.

Financial planning solo can be daunting, especially when you’re used to making decisions as a couple. Get our tips on making the most of what you own now.

Retiring early requires smart planning. Get our chart on retirement savings, and what you need to know for penalty-free withdrawals. It’s never too late to start planning.

There’s much more to retirement planning than 401(k)s and IRAs. We find that these 3 key considerations are often overlooked but can derail any strong plan.

There are many different types of taxes on selling a business. Here’s what you need to know to maximize your after-tax return.

If you’re like many business owners, you’ve focused on your company, not your personal financial plan. Let us help you focus on YOU.

Our best advice for business owners planning to retire. There are many details to consider including taxes, estate planning, and what you next chapter will be.

We help our clients attain peace of mind and confidence in their future. These 5 steps are the start to a well-rounded plan for a long and happy retirement.

Many couples with plenty of money and no dependents feel they do not need a long-term financial plan. This is simply not true. Find out why.

For Carla Wigen, wealth management is ultimately about peace of mind, and that’s not possible without in-depth conversations about what matters to each client. Carla explains why she recently joined LNWM as Managing Director of Fiduciary Strategy and what it means to serve clients really well.

Did you know that writing a check is often NOT the best way to give to family, friends or charities? Find out how to give in a way that: (1) maximizes how much your recipients get; (3) lowers your tax bill; (3) establishes a legacy; and (4) makes the people and causes you care about feel more empowered.

Do you own real estate or other assets that have skyrocketed in value? Many people do but are afraid to sell because of taxes. Here are four tax-efficient strategies for getting cash out, depending on your needs.

Looking for a wealth advisor? Ask these questions to find out if it’s a good fit, and whether the advisor really does have your best interest in mind.

Watch: Tax laws have changed starting in 2018 tax year. Get the highlights in this on-demand video presentation.

Get the key insights to the new 2018 tax law and how it will affect you. Find out what has changed, who is likely to benefit from tax reform, and what you should do now.

Get the 8 tips on how to protect your personal information online and what to do should you get hacked. Hint: When in doubt, don’t click!

Losing your partner in life can be devastating. Learn about how we manage the myriad financial details after a major personal loss to provide security and confidence.

Learn how to make deliberate decisions for tax planning and to how to diversify your retirement accounts through strategic retirement planning.

Tax reform is likely in 2017. What will this mean for you, your family, your business? Get insight into what’s being considered and what is likely in the next two years.

Get our home buying matrix that includes tax break information, plus find out why the old advice may no longer apply.

Learn decade by decade what financial planning decisions to make and how to be prepared for retirement. Bonus: Get the Tax-Advantage Savings matrix.

A wealth of expertise under one roof. With a wealth management firm, you get investment management, financial planning, trust and estate planning and more.

Not all giving is financial. Time counts, too. Follow these four simple principles to make a positive impact on the community causes you love.

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