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Because building Human Capital is essential to Wealth Regeneration®, we’re committed to delivering world-class Wealth Regeneration resources and ideas to our clients at our private Thought Forum™ workshops and presentations. While these events are available only to LNWM clients and their guests, we are pleased to share key ideas from recent events.

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LNWM’s 2019 Thought Forum™ provided a glimpse into the challenges and tremendous rewards of a well-planned public space. The topic: how Seattle’s new Waterfront Park – 20 acres from Pioneer Square through Belltown — can be turned into a space that allows for new economic opportunity, social inclusiveness, and environmental stewardship.

At LNWM’s 2015 Thought Forum we explored the importance of well-planned and programmed public spaces for the health of a community with Robert Hammond and James Corner (watch videos below or download recap). Seattle has an incredible opportunity to redesign 26 blocks of prime public space near the waterfront currently occupied by the viaduct. Listen to what local leaders think (in the videos below) about the importance of parks, including the potential our new waterfront park presents for our city and region.

Acclaimed historian and best-selling author Dr. Douglas Brinkley inspired us to think big when it comes to preserving the Northwest’s natural bounty.

What is your life calling? This was the unique challenge that Jane Pauley issued to the 300 multi-generational attendees at Laird Norton Tyee’s 2012 Thought Forum™. If you are intrigued by the topic of finding new ways to achieve fulfillment, we recommend you read the recap of Jane’s presentation.

Laird Norton Tyee hosted a Family Business Thought Forum™ in 2009, which featured the world renowned expert in family enterprises, John Ward. John’s discussion centered on family business perpetuity and also explored the family-related challenges that lead many family businesses to fail as well as the advantages family businesses have that make them more successful and enduring than their nonfamily-owned counterparts.

Laird Norton Tyee’s 2009 Thought Forum™ featured one of the country’s leading voices in philanthropy, Lucy Bernholz. During her lecture, she discussed the latest trends and innovations in the philanthropy world, her thoughts on sustainable giving in an economic downturn, and the place “collusion” has in making the world a better place.

Laird Norton Tyee’s 2010 Thought Forum™ featured the best-selling author of “True North” and Harvard Business professor, Bill George. To a rapt audience, Bill imparted practical how-to guidance on following your internal compass to arrive at your next great success.

Laird Norton Tyee’s 2011 Thought Forum™ featured the founder and director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin. Throughout the evening, Dr. Coughlin shared his award-winning insights on how demographic shifts, social trends and technology all need to converge in order to achieve 100 years of quality living.

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