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We keep a close watch on laws and regulations that affect trust and estate planning, as well as taxes. Jeanne Goussev, LNWM’s Managing Director of Fiduciary Services, has nearly two decades of experience working on estate planning strategies. Kristi Mathisen, LNWM’s Director of Tax & Financial Planning, has for more than more than 25 years advised on complex tax issues at the local, state and federal levels.
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Starting in 2018, the new tax law offers a major chance to save on estate taxes: a doubling of the estate tax exclusion to $11.2 million. But this can also create unintended pitfalls for wills and trusts already in place. Key things you should consider doing this year, from Kristi Mathisen, LNWM Managing Director of Tax and Financial Planning.

Did you know that writing a check is often NOT the best way to give to family, friends or charities? Find out how to give in a way that: (1) maximizes how much your recipients get; (3) lowers your tax bill; (3) establishes a legacy; and (4) makes the people and causes you care about feel more empowered.

Too complicated. Too costly. Not necessary. That’s what is often said about trusts. So it may surprise you that trusts can be as simple and cost-effective as you want them to be while resolving all sorts of issues and concerns.

3 questions to guide where you give your time and money, from Jeanne Goussev, LNWM’s director of fiduciary services. That way, each year’s philanthropic efforts can build on the year before, creating purpose and a family legacy for generations to come.

If you think trust and estate planning is boring, you haven’t met Jeanne Goussev, LNWM’s new Managing Director of Fiduciary Services. Jeanne joined LNWM in mid-June, bringing with her a passion for helping clients plan for the future.

One of the best ways to ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes is to place them in a trust. But with all the different trust options available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Read this piece to learn what a trust is, how you can benefit from a trust, common types of trusts, and how to get started.

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