A Partner for Your Mission

What’s best for your organization?

When we work with your foundation, nonprofit, or endowment, that is the focus of every action we take on your behalf. You get our firm’s deep collective expertise applied to your organization’s finances, investments, and mission. We can also advise you if you are seeking to start a foundation or endowment.

Our goal: to maximize your organization’s potential in serving its community, and to create confidence in its financial future.

Deep experience and expertise

For decades, LNWM has provided investment management and financial guidance to some of the Pacific Northwest’s largest nonprofits. In addition to strategic investment management and in-depth financial planning, we can advise your board and staff on a wide variety of issues that nonprofits typically face: fiduciary liability, risk management, new tax laws and regulations, and donor strategies. We regularly conduct board and donor trainings for the organizations we support.

Results-oriented stewardship of your organization’s assets

We work closely with you to understand fully your organization’s needs and goals. This allows us to accurately determine the level of income investments need to generate annually, how to maximize the longevity of the portfolio, and the optimal level of withdrawals that can be sustained over the life of the portfolio.

And if mission-aligned investing is a goal for your organization, we can help you use your portfolio investments to make an even greater impact. We will partner to find the investments that both serve your mission and meet the return expectations needed to support your operations and philanthropic giving. We will explore direct investments and PRIs as well as utilizing a variety of independent rating services to screen potential investments on impact and ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Governance), and deploy your assets with a double-bottom line in mind. As a corporate member of Confluence Philanthropy, we stay current on impact and socially responsible investing trends and can advise you accordingly.

Customized asset allocation to fund short-term needs while promoting longevity

The globally diversified portfolios we design for foundations, endowments, and nonprofits are geared to provide a level of return that can fund your organization’s activities for decades to come. Once it is established, we periodically stress-test the portfolio to determine if adjustments are necessary and report back to your staff and board. We’ll also make tactical adjustments to take advantage of near-term market opportunities to reduce risk or enhace return.

In-depth asset manager research, selection, and monitoring

We invest your organization’s assets with managers we think will deliver the highest risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle. These managers are the select few we identify as best-in-class based on in-depth data analysis and interviews to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.

Our due diligence process also includes fraud detection measures that have allowed us to avoid investing with legally and/or financially dubious asset managers, something that can undermine donor confidence and hurt the reputation of a nonprofit organization.

Focus on reducing manager fees

Because of our firm’s size, we are often able to negotiate reduced fees with the asset managers we use in client portfolios. As a fee-only firm, we pass these savings directly on to your organization.

A Partner for Your Foundation

For over 50 years, Laird Norton Wealth Management has strategically managed the investments of foundations and other nonprofits so they can continue to provide vital services and resources to their communities.