Investment Management with Your Life in Mind

A portfolio you can count on for decades to come.

Too often, an investment portfolio is a source of angst and gnawing questions:

“Am I missing out on any new opportunities?”
“How much am I likely to lose in the next market downturn?”
“Can I really rely on this portfolio to fund my needs and goals?”

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), we help you answer the above questions (and many more) with confidence. We invest your money as part of an overall wealth plan that reflects who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. Our ultimate goal: getting you the highest net return comfortably, based on your risk tolerance and tax situation. We also carefully consider your need for income, and the amount of time you can commit capital.

In all market environments, our Investment Strategy and Research team is actively looking worldwide for investment opportunities that align with the risk and return targets we establish — and closely monitor — for your portfolio. In addition to traditional investments, we advise you on the most promising alternative and private market investments, as well as ESG and impact investing options.

We apply deep expertise and specialization: no single manager can excel in all investments. Therefore, we use our size and experience to access what we believe to be the most promising managers for each asset category in your portfolio. The specific investment vehicles we use are geared to optimize performance, while minimizing fees and taxes. They range from public and private funds (both indexed and actively managed) to Limited Partnerships and Separately Managed Accounts.

Expertise and Access

We invest your money in each asset category with a select few asset managers our research indicates are best-in-class worldwide.

Customized Solutions

We use the investment vehicle(s) we think will deliver the best returns for your portfolio in terms of risk, return, taxes and fees.

Sustainable Investment Options

If you want to align your personal values alongside your financial objectives, we can create a sustainable investment program that reflects your priorities.


We monitor each asset manager in your portfolio closely and consistently to verify they are performing as we expect.

Asset allocation optimized for you

Your goals, our standards.

The single most important contributor to your investment results is asset allocation—the types of assets in your portfolio and the percentage dedicated to each. As a Laird Norton Wealth Management client, your portfolio is strengthened by risk and return metrics we apply to determine an optimal allocation we think will work best for your needs and goals over a full market cycle.

To target a level of risk that works for you, we strategically diversify your portfolio both geographically and by asset class. Diversification is key in balancing risk and return in a way that allows your portfolio to grow comfortably over time, consistent with your needs.

In our constant pursuit of “alpha” or enhanced performance, we conduct in-depth and ongoing research on every major asset class. Thorough investigation reveals which managers are best-suited to your needs for return, risk, fees, as well as social impact if that is a concern. With this intelligence, your LNWM portfolio is managed to best meet your goals and our standards.

What Sets Us Apart: Investment Management at LNWM

The basis of our success is the work we do for clients in these four areas. Find out what they are in our paper, 4-Step Investment Process and Philosophy.

Never on autopilot

Engaging the right asset managers and portfolio allocations for you isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. We watch your money closely, monitoring each investment’s performance against our expectations. This includes alerting you to promising short-term opportunities as they arise. Your advisor will then work closely with our Investment Strategy & Research team to suggest how your portfolio can benefit.

Fee-only structure—global reach

We work for one purpose: your outcomes. As a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA), we receive no commissions, ensuring that the advice we give you is unbiased. We do not offer any mutual funds or products of our own, and we never receive compensation from the managers or funds we recommend. All manager-fee discounts we negotiate are passed directly on to you. All this ensures that your interests are our interests.

With only your financial goals in mind, our investment research team is literally free to search the globe for the best investments for you. They analyze all major asset categories of top-tier asset managers and mutual funds, then identify and recommend only those that match and enhance your Wealth Regeneration® plan.