Trust Services: Transform Your Hopes into Reality.

What is your vision for the future? A trust can make that happen. It is a blueprint for what you want your wealth to do, now and for generations to come.

We help you explore the benefits of trusts and all that is possible.

Why Do You Need a Trust?

Trusts are an important wealth planning tool for high-net-worth families, offering much more than a basic will. Key advantages include: control, flexibility, and tax efficiency. Click here to learn more about the distinct benefits of using a trust.

Uniquely Positioned for Your Trust Needs

As both the oldest independent trust company based in the Northwest, andregistered investment advisor, we are uniquely capable of:

  • Advising on which type of trust(s) work best for your situation
  • Serving as trustee or co-trustee of your trust
  • Providing strategic investment management for the assets in your trust

Most importantly, we stay involved with your trust and work closely with the beneficiaries you choose, ensuring your intentions are carried out and your legacy is preserved.

Explore the possibilities

Trusts work well only if they are properly set up and managed by an expert fiduciary. For that to happen, you need to know:

  • Which type of trust would be best for your situation
  • Who will manage your trust and be your trustee
  • What assets to transfer to the trust and when

We are here to help you answer all the above questions and many more, so you can move forward with confidence.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Explore Trusts

Both tax rates and interest rates could be significantly less favorable in the coming decade, especially for high-net-worth households. Learn why this makes the benefits of a trust even more valuable.