Creating a Family Legacy One Step at a Time

A family legacy is a hope for the future. It arises from using your wealth for the benefit of others. Providing for your family over many generations can create a fantastic legacy. So can giving to charities and nonprofits whose work you value.

The most lasting legacies come from a set of values — not just assets — that can be carried forth by future generations. We are here to help you define what you value and what is most important to you. Then show you what is possible. And then use the most effective tools and strategies to make that happen.

Helping our clients re-define or create a family legacy is one of the most valuable and fulfilling things we do. It requires bringing together all three of our services and applying them to your assets and your aspirations: wealth planning so you can see what is possible; trust services/estate planning for the tools and strategies we will use; and investment management to create investment portfolios truly built to last.

See what is possible

We start by providing you with a well-researched, realistic assessment of where you are now and where you want to go. Our analysis can help you answer these key questions (and many more) with a high level of confidence:

  • What is the extent and size of my estate?
  • How much do I need to fund my lifestyle now and decades into the future?
  • How much can I comfortably give to family and charities and when?

The right tools and strategies

Using the right combination of financial tools and strategies to create a legacy is essential. This is not a one size fits all undertaking. We provide a roadmap of what would work best for you. In the near term, perhaps it is gifts to family and charity, a donor advised fund, and/or a revocable trust. Further out in time, perhaps a charitable remainder trust, the creation of a family foundation or endowment, or a multi-generational trust.

There are many options, and we can advise you on them all.

With the right tools and strategies in place, we can then manage your assets and finances to achieve the legacy you envision.

Portfolios built to last

Investing to enable legacies is something we have been doing for more than 50 years, as investment managers for family trusts, foundations and endowments. Longevity comes from being able to consistently deliver results, despite a constantly changing global economy. We have the in-house expertise to create and manage portfolios that achieve a dual mandate: current income for the people and causes you care about; returns that will allow the portfolio to last into perpetuity. We are also able to incorporate your preferences for impact and ESG investing through a variety of investment vehicles.

A Trust for Your Next Gen

A well-structured trust is probably the most effective way to control how your next generation interacts with wealth. LNWM’s Kristi Mathisen presents four key reasons high-net-worth families establish trusts for their children/grandchildren, and various ways to fund a trust.