Washington Trust Company & Corporate Trustee

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing a trustee. The trustee is the person or entity that makes sure the trust you set up works for you and your family. Often, the first thought is to name a relative or business associate as trustee. After all, they know you well. But will that person have the time, experience and commitment to act as a fiduciary, making key decisions on your behalf over many decades?

Laird Norton Wealth Management is here to help. We are the oldest, independent trust company based in Seattle and have deep expertise working with family trusts over many generations. While major financial institutions are centralizing and reducing their trusts services, we are different.

We continue to invest in our trust capabilities and add expertise. The result is unmatched personal services for you and the people and organizations you name as your beneficiaries.

Working with you and those you love and trust

As your trustee, Laird Norton Wealth Management can work with your family members and others you want to add as co-trustees. This is often advisable if your children/grandchildren are your trust beneficiaries, or if the assets in the trust require specialized knowledge, such as an operating business.

A co-trustee can bring to the trust the insight of someone who knows you and your situation well, coupled with the expertise of Laird Norton Wealth Management as trust administrator. Over time, we can work with you to make adjustments. As your children or grandchildren age, for example, you can name them as co-trustees. They can then learn how to manage assets responsibly. You can also designate a different responsibility for each co-trustee, as you learn about their interests and abilities.

Our commitment to you as your trustee

We will advise your attorney(s) and accountant(s) on the specific type of trust we think will best serve your needs. We will then administer your trust to provide the maximum benefit to you and yours:

We will handle all the legal, financial and administrative aspects of your trust using best practices and standards even as laws and regulations change, providing peace of mind to you and yours.

We will help your beneficiaries make the best possible financial decisions for themselves, and act as an objective intermediary able to say “no” to trust requests when necessary.

How to Choose a Trustee

One of the most important decisions you’ll face when establishing a trust is the selection of a trustee. So what is a trustee exactly?