The Family Business: More Than a Financial Asset

The business you spent a lifetime creating is more than a source of income and savings. It’s an important part of your family legacy and tradition.

At Laird Norton Wealth Management, we understand the financial and emotional ties that come with business ownership because we have experienced them firsthand.

Our roots lie in serving family business owners

Laird Norton Wealth Management was founded in 1967 to manage the wealth of the Laird and Norton families, who run a thriving family enterprise now in its seventh generation.

That history has provided us with unique insight into the specific wealth considerations for business-owning families.

A partner for you, your family, and your business

Ensuring your business’ smooth and prosperous transition at moments of change is a critical part of your wealth plan. We remain at your side when a major business event occurs – be it a buyout, change in management, or retirement from the business.

We’ll provide you with tax and financial strategies to help you make the most of your business equity, whether you continue to operate for generations, transfer ownership, or leverage your business as an asset.

Our ultimate goal: to help you deploy your assets in a way that best serves you, your family and your business.

Wealth Planning for Family Business Owners

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