Estate Planning: The Future Is Now

Your estate plan is really about you—now. Once in place, it gives you immediate security that your wealth, values, and love for the people and causes in your life will endure for generations. With a solid estate plan, you know you’ve done everything you can now to ensure your wealth transfers smoothly—when you choose—using all the tools at your disposal, including perhaps a trust or an endowment. The right estate plan can also maximize what the people and causes you love receive from you after taxes. Ultimately, an estate plan creates a legacy that can last for generations.

We can help you with all of this.

A comprehensive estate strategy provides much more peace of mind than a will, which is only one of its elements. The Laird Norton Wealth Management team helps you establish a plan where you control:

WHO gets your assets—whether you want them to go to children, family, causes, friends.

WHEN your assets are transferred—right away, when beneficiaries reach a certain age, after a life milestone, or as needed.

HOW you can be sure your wishes are carried out through the right legal instruments and exemplary management.

Keep your legacy up-to-date

Because we know your priorities and your circumstances can change, we review and suggest updates to your estate strategy as part of Wealth Regeneration®. Our in-house experts assess the effect of new laws and regulations on your investments, your estate plan, and any trusts we manage for you. When timely opportunities arise due to those changes, we’ll alert you and advise on what to do. We’ll also work with your advisors such as attorneys and CPAs to integrate the most effective strategies for multi-generational wealth transfer into your Wealth Regeneration plan.

It’s about securing your whole future now.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Get Started on Your Estate Plan

“The important thing is to get started,” says Kristi Mathisen, Managing Director of Tax and Financial Planning at LNWM. This short checklist is a great way to start.