Supporting the Life You Want to Live

Your assets are opportunities. Be it restricted stock or investment real estate, are your assets making your life easier and better? If not, why not? The joy that comes from using your assets to achieve the lifestyle you want is immense, but it requires planning and analysis of the trade-offs. Each financial decision you make can then get you closer to the life you want.

We can help you explore what is possible in terms of your lifestyle now and in the future. Our goal is to keep multiple options open for you, while allowing you to be true to yourself and the life you want. The result is fewer financial mistakes and regrets down the road, as you make the most of your assets at each step of the way.

We present you with a realistic assessment of the trade-offs and what is possible. That way, you will know in advance — and with a high level of confidence — how a big purchase or sale will affect your retirement plan, tax situation, estate plan, future investment returns and income stream. We will then advise on the best course of action given where you are now and where you want to go.

Clarity and confidence

An Income Sustainability Analysis (ISA) can help you answer two key questions with a high degree of confidence:

#1. How will my spending – now and in the future – affect my asset base?  

#2. How can I best use my assets to attain my goals and aspirations (start a new business, take a year off, live overseas, or all the above)?

Income Sustainability Analysis provides you with ongoing, confidence-level forecasting on your capacity for spending, giving and investing. It is based on an assessment of all your income sources, net assets and spending levels, now and projected.

We let you know throughout the year if you are on track. And we alert you when your lifestyle equation is out of sync. Perhaps spending is creeping up. What does that mean for your long-term goals? Or perhaps fear of running out of money is preventing you from doing what you realistically can and want to do.

Your money personality

What’s your money personality? Even within the same family there are big differences. Some people are die-hard savers and security seekers, while others are spenders and/or risk-takers. How your personality interacts with your assets can also impact your lifestyle. None of the variables in this equation are fixed, opening up many options and opportunities for you to consider.

We’re your partner in bringing clarity to lifestyle decisions. Understanding you, your money personality, and your goals are all part of the equation.

What’s Your Money Personality?

Take our Money Personality Quiz to find out which way you lean and how to achieve the right balance.