Philanthropy: It’s Not Only What You Give—But How

By supporting people and causes you believe in, you’re putting your assets to some of their highest use. The rewards are many.

We can help you explore the possibilities of giving in ways that increase not only the value of your gift, but its worth to your overall financial plan.

Your options for smart giving go well beyond cash. Laird Norton Wealth Management advisors can help you give in ways that reflect your values, your goals, and your finances. In addition to funding through cash, securities or donor-advised funds, we can help you establish trusts and include philanthropic gifts in your estate plan to create a lasting legacy.

We also specialize in the creation and management of foundations and endowments to ensure ongoing funding over many generations. And because we believe in investing in the community ourselves, we can help you work directly with nonprofit organizations so that you can give in the most helpful way possible.

Strategies for giving that benefit all

When you want to make a contribution, consider giving appreciated assets. This has more than a few tax advantages. For instance, you may be able to deduct the market value of your donation and/or avoid capital gains taxes. A quick chat with a Laird Norton advisor before making a gift to charity could allow you to give more with less impact on your financial picture.

There are many types of non-cash donations you can make. From closely held business stock to in-kind donations, to contributions of time and expertise, we’re experts at helping you give in ways that are best for everyone involved.

Smart giving in the family

One of the most important ways our clients give is to family. Be it cash or other assets, gifts can support and celebrate those you love. Even here—and maybe especially given the family dynamic—it’s important to plan before giving. We can provide guidance built on decades of experience as you consider gifts to family members for anything from tuition and medical costs to birthdays and weddings. With a good plan, you can feel even better about your gift because you were smart about it.

Strategies for Making the Most of Your Gifts

Read our paper Smart Giving and Gifting to find out how to give in a way that: (1) maximizes how much your recipients get; (3) lowers your tax bill; (3) establishes a legacy; and (4) makes the people and causes you care about feel more empowered.