Integrated Tax Planning: A Big-Picture View

Your taxes are complex enough; shifting regulations and laws can make them all the more so. We can help you make income, estate, and other tax planning a vital and positive part of your financial plan.

Our experts can apply tax strategies that target the outcomes you want and serve your larger goals, personal philosophy, and situation—even as these change over time.

While we don’t do your taxes ourselves, we work with your CPA to make proactive recommendations based on your desired outcomes, rather than responding to your current tax situation. That means you always have a plan integrated into your financial strategy for:

  • Annual income taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Gift taxes
  • Estate taxes

Make tax outcomes part of your integrated wealth plan

Investment strategies, wealth management, trust and estate planning—none of it happens most effectively in a vacuum. Our tax experts, including Kristi Mathisen and Carla Wigen, work to make tax planning an integral part of your wealth plan, driving better outcomes across your entire asset base, as well as your investment portfolio.

Envision a tax-optimized future

A fully integrated financial plan is supported by your tax strategy, not driven by it. That means tax-aware investments that include both tax-exempt and taxable portfolios with the after-tax result in mind; and an estate management strategy that transfers assets to family members and/or to charities in a way that’s appropriate for all parties.

Tax Strategies for Every Phase of Life

Whether you’re building, accessing, or transferring wealth, taxes are a key consideration. Read Tax Strategies for Making the Most of Your Wealth to get valuable insights.