SRI, ESG, and Impact Investing Seattle: Choosing The Right Strategy For You

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

SRI as an investment strategy that considers not just the financial risks and rewards of an investment, but also the social good. The definition of social good can be broad, or something very specific.

We recognize that SRI is a personal choice, and we work with you to choose the most suitable SRI investments based on your intent and investment goals. SRI encompasses a variety of approaches, such as using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings to decide which investments to include/exclude in a portfolio. SRI also includes impact investing – taking a debt or equity stake in projects or companies that promote a social good, such as affordable housing or sustainable energy. When searching for SRI investments, we begin with the premise that return need not be sacrificed.

How We Implement SRI

If you have an interest in SRI strategies, we start with an in-depth conversation about your intent, and the various options available to you. As a result of these conversations, we then suggest investments in line with your objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and life goals.

At LNWM, we are able to access SRI investments in many forms, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts and direct investment in private debt and equity funds. We can even work with asset managers to add custom screens based on specific factors that are important to you, such as a focus on wind power.

ESG Screening and Much More

LNWM has been allocating assets to SRI managers for over a decade, and we have watched the SRI sector expand exponentially. We have a vested interest in making sure that any SRI investments you make are aligned with your values while also providing you the return you need to fund your goals.

In selecting SRI investments, we adhere to the same strict criteria we use for all our asset managers. We closely monitor our SRI managers to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies and ensure they are meeting their objectives. As a corporate member of Confluence Philanthropy, we stay current on SRI industry trends and we also host SRI asset manager presentations at our offices, which clients can attend if interested. We also have the capability to produce reports that rate mutual funds on criteria that many SRI investors find valuable when considering investments.

Our Own Commitment to the Environment

Laird Norton Wealth Management annually tracks the carbon output of our operations, including employee commutes, and actively tries to reduce that output by encouraging use of public transportation. Each year, we also financially support programs in both water and electricity conservation undertaken by utilities and non-profit organizations, such as the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.