Effective financial planning in Seattle or elsewhere, must start with you and the life you want. Laird Norton Wealth Management advisors ask questions about your assets and your life goals. We call our approach to financial planning Wealth Regeneration®, because we focus on optimizing both your financial capital and your human capital, so that your finances support your ambitions.

The financial planning we do for you is grounded in cash flow modeling, tax planning and financial risk management. Together we devise a financial plan that addresses your needs now and decades from now, including in-depth retirement planning, college funding strategies (comparison of 529 Plans with gifting and other options). In the end, your assets and resources are fully aligned to support the life you want now and well into the future.


Our financial advisors, based in Seattle, show you what’s possible by using data-driven, customized modeling. So you can then see in advance the potential short- and long-term outcomes of your financial decisions. This allows you to make fully informed choices and move forward with confidence in your plan.

Once your financial plan is in place, your team of LNWM financial advisors monitors it closely. When necessary, we suggest adjustments so that your wealth continues to support the life you choose to live — both now and in the future.


Our financial advisors, investment advisors, and certified financial planners provide you with a full range of financial planning expertise, including current year tax planning and well beyond, as well as financial risk management. Some of the questions we can help you answer with confidence:

  • Do you have enough to retire comfortably and securely?
  • How long can cash flow from your investments and other sources support your spending at current and projected levels?
  • Do you have adequate insurance coverage across all areas of liability?
  • What is the most secure way to transfer part of your wealth to your next generation?
  • What is the most tax-effective way to sell highly appreciated assets?
  • Should you take a stake in that new business opportunity?


LNWM financial advisors provide each of our clients with a wide range of financial planning expertise that is coupled with investment management and trust and estate planning. LNWM’s integrated approach considers all aspects of your financial life and allows us to add value each time you need to make a major financial decision.

Each financial decision is made in context of not only return, but also risk, taxes, cash flow, your estate plan and many other considerations unique to you. Each decision you make can then build on the previous ones, providing peace of mind and confidence in your life plan:


Analyze Finances Prioritize Goals Create and Maintain Plan
Budget review and analysis Lifestyle considerations Cash flow management
Tax planning and budget review
Cash flow modeling Retirement planning and other life transitions Investment strategy and management
Financial risk assessment and insurance planning Education funding for children or grandchildren Stock option, and other types of equity compensation, concentrated stock position and business ownership transition strategies
Investment allocation assessment Charitable giving and philanthropic planning Continued financial risk management
Will and estate document review Estate and legacy goals Estate planning and trust management

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