Seattle Trust Company & Corporate Trustee

Preserving your family wealth

Trusts can be an effective way to transfer wealth, reduce or defer taxes, and safeguard assets for your family. If you’re concerned about providing for your spouse, keeping ownership of your business in the family, or passing assets on to your heirs, trust planning could be the answer.


Regardless of the type of trust you decide to set up – and the options are many – a critical decision is selection of a trustee.

The trustee is the person or institution legally appointed and authorized to manage assets held in trust. It’s imperative that you carefully consider whether your trustee has the time, interest, patience and expertise to successfully carry out your wishes — not just now but for many years to come. To ensure that their trusts are in the hands of experts, many people choose a corporate trustee such as Laird Norton Wealth Management.


We are the oldest independent trust company in Seattle and the Northwest. We are adept at both trust planning and trust management. Many of our clients rely on us to create, manage and administer multiple trusts, including trust services for IRAs, and to act as investment advisor for the trust assets.

Continuity and expertise

As long-standing trust managers, we have the expertise to ensure proper trust administration and accounting practices. In addition, using Laird Norton Wealth Management as your corporate trustee means:

  • Ensuring that the values, goals and objectives you establish through your trust are honored and fulfilled.
  • Putting us in the position of saying yes or no to trust beneficiary requests, which helps to preserve family harmony.
  • Providing continuity of administration.


As both a trust company and registered investment advisor, Laird Norton Wealth Management can act as your corporate trustee, and we also have the expertise to provide strategic investment management for your trust assets.

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