Laird Norton Wealth Management was founded to provide wealth planning and trust management for family business owners — specifically, the Laird and Norton families’ set of companies (family business owners for seven generations). Today, we work with a wide range of entrepreneurial and business-owning families in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our Wealth Regeneration® approach helps families develop a strategy that allows for the most effective transition from one generation of business owners to the next – without jeopardizing the integrity of the business.

If you’re a member of a business-owning family, the team at Laird Norton can help you create a wealth management plan that’s in the best interests of your enterprise, your family and yourself. It’s not easy. But we listen, we care and we have the in-house expertise to help you attain the life you want, now and in the future.

Brochure: Wealth Planning for Business-Owning Families

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